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Human would be better for HV damage boost. One more proof the dude doesn't know his own game. Revaulting wrote on Jul 7 that pm: Have you tried a lower difficulty, such as the official forums? But when you include all the inherent benefits from reincarnation, the thing is above the roof. The benefit from TR was supposed to be minimal, but now it is game breaking.

Starting a Ranger

Personally I think lower heroics on new characters are harder than Legendary Elite content on a character with good gear and has all destinies farmed. And someone in another thread called ME delusional recently!Welcome to the next installment of Syndeo's Guides.

This is a guide that will go beyond the overview of the Ranger Class and help new players plan their classes in a step-by-step process that starts from Race choice, moves to Stats and Skills, and finally Gameplay. To see a broad view of the ranger class, please visit the Ranger Page in the wiki. This Guide is not Complete, and any experienced players are free to add beneficial knowledge, but I will continue to add more lists and pointers as time allows.

Rangers are not just a bow-and-arrow fighter, though they focus more than any other class with them. Rangers focus on Dexterity and secondly Strength, and with it comes the effectivenes of a bow, but also can use two weapon fighting feats better than any class because of the fluidity that comes with the Dexterity.

They can either attack from afar or enter the heat of battle like any other fighting class. They have the choice of being silent scouts or Arcane Archers or anything else they want to be. What decides the best type Ranger? We first have to look at Race. In the creation of a Ranger, one must look at the pros and cons of each race and from there decide on which race to choose so that your Ranger has the stat improvements and feats and enhancements you desire.

The base stats to keep in mind that affect Ranger ability are: DexterityStrengthand Constitution. Wisdom and Intelligence are both somewhat important, and Charisma is put by the wayside. As you read through each description of the race choices, keep in mind the necessary base stats needed to create the Ranger you desire. I have only listed the Pros and Cons that are mainly directed around the building of a Ranger. Each race has more than listed, and can be read in full by clicking on their name.

Ranger Material? Rangers receive healing spells at higher levels, and they wouldn't affect them as much, and the -2 WIS would not make a good Arcane Archer. Humans are the most level of the races and are good for any beginner to DDO as they can be adapted to any class. Humans are great for any beginner class, including Ranger. The bonus feat means that the Human Ranger will be allowed to choose 2 feats and a favored enemy discussed later at level one.

Thought they don't stand out in any area, they are more than capable of being good Rangers. Most Likely. It is easily possible to create a good Ranger with a Dwarf.The standard build for a Ranger that uses the newly updated Arcane Archer enhancements and Elf enhancements. The purpose of this build is simple: take advantage of your free Two Weapon Fighting feats by using two weapons, until level 6.

At level 6 when you unlock Paralyzing Arrows and Manyshot you will switch to a longbow for good. The role of an Arcane Archer is to stay infront of the healer and support the group with CC from Paralyzing Arrows and damage.

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This article is an orphan, as no other articles link to it : Please introduce links to this page, please check these related articles for suggestions. This article has not been added to any categories: Please help out by adding categories to it so that it can be listed with similar articles.There are a couple of things to keep in mind before setting up your character with a different class. What defines your ability to perform a class has to do with both your character stats as well as your race.

Certain races are better at other feats than others. It is best to match the characteristics of one class for example, a high STR with the characteristics of another. This will help in fully taking advantage of both classes, as some rely on certain stats more than others.

What this guide will do will be to match the base statistic of certain classes that will make a good match for another particular class. This will not include positive or negative modifiers based on race, or individual path chosen within each category in DDO, you can choose from three different paths within a class.

The main, most important stat will always remain the same, but certain other ones will be different depending on the path you take within your class. Note that the Monk and Favored Soul classes are not available for gamers playing for free.

A Favored Soul may be unlocked through achieving Total Favor with a different character, but a Monk is only available either via purchase, or if you become a VIP Member monthly subscription.

Perhaps the only other class worth multiclassing with a Fighter would have to be a Barbarian, but only to learn its Rage feat. Otherwise, you will not reach the full potential of other classes who rely on dexterity, or even Wisdom.

However, depending on the path you take with your fighter as well as its class, you may end up with a higher dexterity rating. This would be good if you were to consider multiclassing with a Ranger, as they can achieve higher damage with a bow.

Or, if you want to be able to disarm traps, you can multiclass with a Rogue. But keep in mind that a Rogue also needs a reasonable intelligence score in order to maximize its feats at least 12 INT. Much like the Fighter listed above, it would only be beneficial to multiclass with a Fighter in order to learn other feats that only a Fighter will learn.

Notice, though, that Barbarians have a higher dexterity score, which is good for multiclassing with a Ranger, since a Ranger with high DEX can deal greater damage with a bow. Multiclassing with a Rogue would also be beneficial, but with a low INT score, it would be difficult to maximize its feats. One great feat that comes with a Paladin is its high wisdom and charisma score: both at 14! Of course, having a high strength score also helps, and if you want to learn certain feats and abilities from multiclassing with a Fighter or Barbarian, that will work, too.

But having a higher wisdom and charisma score opens greater possibilities. Wisdom is what Monks need for defense as well as powering special abilities. Keep in mind that a Monk fights best unarmed.

This may not be so useful, considering Paladins learn some of the spells that Clerics do learn. Favored Souls also need a high WIS score for effective, offensive spells and higher CHA score will lead to more spell points per level increased.

Read more about Paladin Skills in this article. The Monk is so well-balanced in regards to its strength, dexterity, constitution, and wisdom.

If you want to be able to use certain types of weapons, multiclassing with a Fighter or Ranger would be a good fit.

Alternatively, for some trap-disabling abilities, you can also choose the Rogue. Because of its reasonable wisdom score needed for Ki and special abilitiesa Cleric would do well.These are fairly simple generic builds that are easily accessible and recommended to new players. To keep things simple there will only be up to three popular builds per class here. Generally these will be based on each classes three PrE's, but not always.

Equipment recommendations will only go up to Level 11, as that's about the time a new player starts to get a good feel for what items are helpful to their character and can decide on their own where to go from there.

In short, a build without any fluff. These builds are intended to represent easily built characters that new players can have fun with. Jump to: navigationsearch. Subcategories This category has the following 2 subcategories, out of 2 total. Pages in category "Builds for new players" The following 17 pages are in this category, out of 17 total.

D Dwarven Footman. E Elven Mage. F Forest Warden Frenzied Brute. H Hired Blade. I Icy Evoker. L Lyrical Poet. R Revised Paths. S Solid Shintao Monk. W Whirling Dervish. Category : Custom character builds. Namespaces Category Discussion. Views Read Edit Page history. This page was last modifiedNovember 13, Update Based on work by others. Attribution-ShareAlike 2.Enhancements Tactics Equipment Spells.

Every Ranger gets free training to be effective both with a bow, and with paired melee weapons, although most choose to concentrate on one of the two specialties using one of the two powerful Ranger enhancements. The Arcane Archer learns dedicated archery skills, and in particular the ability to generate magically imbued arrows. However, even an Arcane Archer knows when to pull out a pair of swords when their enemies are too close, while the meanest Ranger Tempest can still be relied on to target a distant boss or enemy casters with some well placed arrows when required.

Rangers get all of their class feats, even if they don't meet the Dexterity requirements. However, there are optional feats that do have minimum requirements. The only way to meet these requirements are by starting with the required characteristics or by increasing them with Tomes and level up bonuses to increase characteristics.

Skills can vary greatly for a ranger as they are a very flexible class capable of specializing in a number of different directions. It should be noted that ranger has great synergy with rogue. Tempest rangers often start with a level of rogue, or even a deeper splash with only levels of ranger. This opens up a few more skills:.

This is especially true since by mid to late game, the vast majority of mobs have some combination of Tremor Sense, See Invisible or True Seeing, rendering these skills moot. Possible Favored Enemy choices; you get to choose one at level 1 and an additional one at levels 5, 10, 15, and 20 for five total.

It is worth noting that not all Favored Enemies appear in equal numbers, or have the same "bang for the buck. Similarly, some groups have large numbers of included enemies Animal, Magical Beast but show in smaller numbers and are relatively weak opponents. Adjust to taste and experience. This section lists only a subset of ranger spells. The full list is available here. Rangers don't have a flashy capstone and they are a rather front-loaded class, thus they are suitable for multiclassing.

Other classes might decide to dip in ranger. Useful break points are:. Although the capstone for ranger is fairly lackluster, it is worth bearing in mind that if pursuing the Arcane Archer enhancement that the final upgrade to the conjured arrows requires a level 18 ranger.

ddo ranger build

Thus if pursuing the end state of this enhancement, do not splash more than two levels elsewhere. After Update 19Tempests can choose to either max Dexterity or Strength, since they can use both for both Attack Bonus and Damage bonus, though you can only use Dexterity for both with Light weapons and Scimitars and only with appropriate core tempest enhancements. Your Dexterity bonus also increases your Ranged Attack Bonus and with a high tier Elf enhancement it can also increase your Bow Damage.

Strength increases your Bow damage at all times, but doesn't increase your Attack Bonus at all. Regarding weapons - Khopeshes are the obvious first choice for Strength-based Tempest as soon as you get the proficiency feat, but other weapons will do in a pinch, if you don't have any good khopesh available.

For ranged weapon - no good ranger should use a crossbow because the free Bow Strength feat applies the ranger's strength bonus to their damage rolls with a longbow or shortbow, and negates the crossbow's higher damage class. Managing weapons to bypass the various DRs of the enemies you're going to be facing is also an important part of being a Tempest. Bludgeoning weapons for skeletons is a must for a couple of lower level quests.

Your bow can also be a good way to bypass DRs as its damage type stacks with your arrows' damage type so Good type bow and Cold Iron arrows can bypass demons' DR.Thematically a tactics based kensei with trapper abilities and a focus on movement.

Looking forward to hitting the mid-level lull and seeing how much easier it is than it used to be to level free to play. We finished up the level 2s in the marketplace. As expected, we had to run a few extra ringleaders to get to level 5. Got a few small random loot upgrades. Got a couple of vorpals in end rewards, but nothing … More Freefalling Day 3.

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Ran through some more levels 2s. Took level 4. No issues yet. I finally got an ok great axe and got rid of my grotto axe. Hanging on to a … More Freefalling Day two. A few notes from our first day on free to play first life toons. We rolled up our characters and showed up in Korthos skipping the grotto to get grouping right away.

Dubb quickly found that his level 1 Rogue could not do much on elite even in Korthos. On a THF human pally sporting cleave at level 1 I had no problems.

Pretty typical for a new character, … More Freefalling Day One. Big changes in TR-ing for the post reaper era and the racial past life era.

With new content and an added focus on getting reaper xp at the same time as racial past lives a lot has changed. Swiftis and Dubble are back from an overly long layoff and will be updating our builds and guides. Please leave us your questions and requests and we will be responding to them. TL:DR version. MS only:Full time archer got buffed.

Some extreme examples lost burst damage, high RP builds with low DS.

ddo ranger build

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ddo ranger build

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